Asset Management Solution Accelerator

Asset Management Solution Accelerator

Overwhelmed with the management of your organizations’ assets?

Even with a seasoned Asset Manager, it’s easy to lose track of items such as A/V equipment, surveillance equipment, hardware, tools and other assets. Items may be housed in multiple facilities, with the need for many people to have access to them. Add to that the need to manage warranties and maintenance. This is no easy task. Many organizations attempt to manage these assets with spreadsheets which do not scale, do not provide enough detailed information and provide no-back-up and recovery. To answer the call for a more streamlined process, Planet Technologies has created the Asset Management Solution Accelerator which leverages the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and allows you to easily manage & track your agency’s inventory of assets . The Dynamics 365 platform provides your users a familiar and consistent interface across all areas of the system.

Asset Dashboard

Asset Dashboard

Product Features and Benefits

Real-Time Asset Tracking & Mobile Reservations

Access via mobile devices while in the field for real-time tracking of Assets. Reserve an Asset directly from your smart phone.

Asset Management and User Interaction

Provides detailed management of Assets and Users, including;

  • Assets – Track vital data such as Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Stock Number and Asset Type.
  • Asset Groups – Allows you to configure multiple Assets as a group.  This is especially helpful for components groups such as microphone, mic stand, and audio cable.
  • Location – Track the location of your Assets down to the shelf where it is stored. Multiple Shelves and Storage Racks, along with multiple Rooms and Facilities allow you to save time and pinpoint the exact location of an Asset.
  • Assignment – Permanently assign Assets to users, or allow users to reserve an Asset for temporary use. Maintain all Check-in/Check-out dates and times to enforce personal responsibility while gaining insight into Asset usage trends.
  • Procurement – Maintain purchasing records including the Vendor, Purchase Orders and Grant numbers associated with each Asset.
  • Service & Maintenance – Maintain service and maintenance records of your Assets. When an Asset is at repair it is automatically removed from the list Assets available for reservation.
  • Attachments – Cut down on paper clutter by attaching digital copies of receipts and instruction manuals to Asset records for immediate access in the future.
  • Security – Control access to any area of the system with security roles at the organization level, individual user level, or any number levels for groups of users.

Rich Visual Representation of Assets, Usage and Assignments

Manage workload by allowing users to reserve Assets from their computer or smart phone without the paperwork clutter. Combined with reporting, charts and dashboards, gain oversight into Asset usage and possible problem areas throughout the entire agency.

Detailed Auditing

Provides detailed auditing of all information that is entered for a Asset record. All modifications are recorded, storing the old values along with the new values to provide detailed history about any transaction.

Communication Tracking

Track all communication such as telephone calls, emails, and standard mail regarding an Asset record by creating activity records.

End-to-End tracking of Assets

Track Asset information from procurement, through assignments to users, Service & Maintenance, to final decommission of the Asset.

Asset Detail

Asset Detail

The Solution Accelerator includes:

  • Nine custom Entities
    1. Assets – Tracks all Assets in the system.
    2. Asset Groups – Allows you to configure multiple Assets as a group.  This is especially helpful for components groups such as microphone, mic stand, and audio cable.
    3. Asset Assignments – Tracks all assignments of an Asset to a User.  When not assigned to a User, the default assignment is “In Stock”.
    4. Asset Scheduler – Calendar-based version of the Asset Assignment functionality.  This allows you to drag & drop Assets and Asset Groups onto a calendar for quick assignment.
    5. Manufacturers – Tracks a list of Asset Manufacturers.
    6. Models – Tracks a list of Asset Models and is associated to the Manufacturer entity for filtering.
    7. Facilities – Tracks the physical location of the Asset, such as a warehouse, office, etc.
    8. Rooms – Tracks the physical location of the Asset, such as a conference room, training room, etc.  Rooms are associated with the Facility entity for filtering.
    9. Vendors – Tracks a list of Vendors.  This is especially useful when Assets are not purchased directly from the Manufacture.
  • Three custom Security Roles
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Asset Scheduler calendar with drag & drop functionality
  • Sitemap modification to drop the Asset Management functionality on your existing navigation structure

Download the Asset Management Whitepaper

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