CRM 2011 CKEditor & Tiny MCE Integration

Wish you could provide your client with a rich text editor that doesn’t take minutes to load, or a massive overhead each time it is requested from the server?

Well, recently here at Planet, we integrated 2 WYSIWYG Text Editors with CRM 2011.

Tiny MCE and CKEditor are two of the most well-known html text WYSIWYG  editors and have been around for years. Now, thanks to our developers here at Planet, you can easily use them in your own custom CRM applications.

Download your necessary solution implementation guide(s), and start updating your client forms to a more enjoyable, user-friendly experience!

CKEditor Solution Implementation Guide  Tiny MCE Solution Implementation Guide


  1. Nathan Vanderhoof April 19, 2014 7:21 am 

    Thanks so much for making these solutions available. We tried the CKEditor one, because we like it’s functionality. It works fine in IE 9 and Chrome, however, it doesn’t show at all in IE 10 or 11. In the F12 Console it showed an error about “not able to get the ‘options’ of undefined or null reference” or something like that. I googled the error it and it appears that it is fixed in the latest version of CKEditor, in fact the demo on their website worked fine in IE 11. Are you able to update your solution with the current version of CKEditor??? Many thanks in advance!

  2. Aaron Kuhn May 12, 2014 1:34 pm 

    We haven’t had the chance to thoroughly test it with CRM 2013 yet. However, it looks like it would work just fine.