CRM 2011 Virtual Field

With the use of an HTML web resource and a few JavaScript files this handy little add-on allows you to show data from the selected record you pick in a lookup field.

In the sample image below the text for the FEIN field is being pulled from the Grantee entity for the selected record. Virtual Field

The HTML web resource can handle outputting the following CRM data types: Option Sets; Lookups; Currency; Two Option (Boolean), Date, Text & Numbers.

Download Solution


  1. Import the new solution into your CRM Instance.
  2. On your form insert the new plt_VirtualField.html web resource in the location you want the field to be displayed.
  3. Fill in the label for the web resource and make sure you have the “Display label on the Form” checkbox checked.
  4. Set the “Number of Rows” to 1; “Scrolling” to never & uncheck the “Display border” checkbox.
  5. Then you have to configure the Custom Parameter field for the web resource. Three pieces of information need to be passed into the web resource comma separated as show below.Virtual Field Web Resource Properties
    1. The name of the entity you want to pull data from. This is case sensitive and must match the entity’s schema name exactly as it appears in your solution.
    2. The name of the lookup field on your form that you are pulling the id from. This should always be lowercase.
    3. The name of the field you want to pull back and show on your form. This is also case sensitive and must match the field’s schema name exactly as it appear in your solution.
  6. Once you have the web resource configured then open up the form properties and add the plt_VirtualField.js file onto your form and then click “OK” button.
  7. The final step in to open the properties of the lookup field that the web resource is associated with and add an event that will update the web resource if the lookup field is changed. To do this pick the plt_VirtualField.js library; set the Function to “UpdateVirtualField” and pass in the name of your web resource in single quotes.Virtual Field - Lookup Field Configuration


  1. Ossie February 25, 2014 5:49 am 

    The download link does not work, can you fix it please?

    • Chad Kuhn February 25, 2014 10:13 am 

      The link has been fixed. Thanks for pointing this out.