Fleet Management Solution Accelerator – An In-Depth Look

Fleet Management Solution Accelerator – An In-Depth Look

Many organizations leverage costly systems that are too large and not customizable enough. Others try to manage their fleet with spread sheets which do not scale, provide no back-up and recovery, and leave the majority of the work on the shoulders of the administrator.

Fleet Management on Windows SurfaceNow there’s help. Planet Technologies has developed a “perfect fit” system that integrates with your current technology and off-loads much of the manual data entry to the driver in real time through the use of smart phones.

The Fleet Management Solution Accelerator from Planet Technologies allows you to easily manage & track your agency’s Vehicles, Vehicle Features, permanent and pool Vehicle Assignments, Maintenance, Mileage Logging, Fuel Usage, Accidents Tracking, and Reporting.

Track vehicle information from procurement, through assignments to Drivers, Maintenance, Mileage and Fuel Usage to final decommission of the Vehicle.  Leverage Out of the Box functionality including the Auditing engine that captures all changes made to the system, Communication Tracking and Reporting.

What is a Solution Accelerator?
A Solution Accelerator speeds up the development and deployment process of a solution.  All of the Solution Accelerators developed by Planet Technologies are fully functional applications “out of the box”.  These Accelerators can be installed immediately and be used by customers to provide the functionality described. Additionally, they can be extended and customized by our customers to meet their requirements with or without professional services from Planet Technologies. This design allows the customer to deploy features quickly on a platform (Microsoft Dynamics 365) that is supported by thousands of Microsoft Partners Worldwide.

Unlike many expensive point solutions, Planet’s Solution Accelerators provide the core features you need, extendable, at a price to fit your budget.  The Accelerators are fully customizable to meet the unique business process of our customers.

Custom Functionality

Vehicle Management Vehicle Maintenance Mileage & Fuel Usage Drivers & Assignments Accident Tracking
Year Date Mobile Express Contact Information Claim Number
Make & Model Mileage Out Date Permanent Assignment Date & Time
VIN Mileage In Odometer Temporary Assignment Injury Information
Body Style Service Center Quantity Temporary Assignment Police Information
Tire Information Technician Cost per Unit User/Team Assignment Ambulance Information
Color (Interior/Exterior) Costs Fueling Station Multi-Vehicle Assignments Location Information
Features (Navigation, Tow Hitch, Disability) Description Description Pool Reservations Accident Description
Status (In Service, At Repair, Retired) Receipts Receipts Customizable Workflows Towing Information
Procurement Tracking  Attachments Attachments
  Document Attachment
Warranty Information       Photo Attachment
Inspection Information        

Extended Functionality

Auditing Communication Tracking Reporting
Date Emails System Reports
Time Phone Calls User/Ad-hoc Reports
Name of person making the change Faxes SSRS Reports
Type of Change (Create, Modify, Delete) Walk-Ups Built-in Report creator
Original Value Text/SMS  
New Value Web Form Submission  

Rich visual representation through Dashboards & Forms
Manage workload by allowing drivers to maintain their own vehicle, mileage and service records. Combined with reporting, charts and dashboards, gain oversight into status of vehicles and drivers throughout the entire agency.

Fleet Management Dashboard

Vehicle Detail
Fleet Management Vehicle Detail

Vehicle Detail – Fuel & Efficiency, Tires, Features
Fleet Management Vehicle Detail

Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Fleet Management Mobile Express FormDynamics Mobile Express is already included with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 license, empowering you to design lightweight forms for use with mobile devices such as smartphones.  Access data while on the road or in the field for real-time tracking of your Fleet. Enter Mileage and Fuel Usage data directly from your vehicle before leaving the fueling station.

No more waiting until you return to the office to create records in the system. Fill up the gas tank? Have an accident? With Dynamics 365 Mobile Express forms, you can quickly create new data records in the system, directly from your mobile device.

Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available through many mobile devices, operating systems, and browsers. If your device’s browser supports HTML 4.0 (or newer) and JavaScript, you have met the basic requirements to use Mobile Express. You do not need to install an application on your mobile device to use it–you can simply log in through your mobile browser.

Outlook Integration
By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, you can access all of your Fleet information directly from within Microsoft Outlook.

CRM for Outlook on Windows Surface

Custom Views
Filter on only the data that is important to you using Custom Views. Want to see only Vehicles that are assigned to you? There’s a Custom View already built into the Solution Accelerator for that.

Reports offer a data refresh button. Ran a report earlier today and need to see the most recent data? There’s no need to re-run the report. Simply click the data refresh button.

Vehicle Management & Driver Interaction
Provides detailed management of Vehicles and associated Drivers & Assignments, Maintenance, Mileage, Fuel Usage, and Accidents, including:

  • Vehicles – Track vital data such as year, make, model, VIN, body style, engine & drivetrain, color & interior, and tire information. Also track dozens of features such as navigation system, tow hitch, disability equipped, with the ability to add unlimited options.
  • Maintenance – Track all service records including date and mileage of service, service center and service technician who performed service and costs involved. Scan and attach a copy of the service receipt directly to the record for later retrieval, eliminating paper clutter in your office.
  • Mileage and Fuel Usage – Record and track all fuel usage including date, odometer reading, quantity and cost per gallon.
  • Accidents – Record and track Accident information including insurance, police, towing, and ambulance information.
  • Drivers – Assign vehicles to drivers either permanently, or as a pool vehicle reservation. Vehicles can also be assigned to a group of users, or multiple vehicles to a single user, as needed.

Detailed Auditing
Provides detailed auditing of all information that is entered in the system.  All modifications are recorded, storing the old values along with the new values, date & time of the change, and the name of the User who made the change, providing detailed history about any transaction.

Fleet Management Auditing

Communication Tracking
Track all communication such as telephone calls, emails, and standard mail regarding a vehicle or maintenance record by creating Activity records.  Additional Activity types can be created to support your business processes.

Fleet Management Activity

The Fleet Management Solution Accelerator from Planet Technologies is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, provides a familiar and consistent interface across all areas of the system. The Fleet Management Solution Accelerator can be easily integrated with other Planet offerings such as the Asset Management Solution Accelerator and the XRM Mobile Inspections Accelerator.

Fleet Management at-a-glance

Fleet Management in-depth

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