Investigation Management Solution Accelerator

Investigation Management Solution Accelerator

Manage Arrest Activity

Managing paperwork during a criminal investigation can be a daunting task and can waste precious time and money.

To answer the call for a more streamlined process, Planet Technologies has created the Investigation Management Solution Accelerator which allows your organization to manage all aspects of a case investigation including evidence management, narrative, case security, crimes codes, arrest information, and detailed case reporting quickly and seamlessly by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365.

Planet’s Investigation Management Solution, a Dynamics 365 Solution Accelerator, streamlines the business and investigation process by eliminating paper based files. Replacing paper with records which are searchable enables the capability of producing detailed statistics using reporting and dashboard functionality which provides management personnel with an oversight throughout the entire investigative case lifecycle.

Agents Aliases Armed Codes Arrests Attorneys Bias Codes
Businesses Crimes Codes Diversion Types Drug Categories Drug Codes Evidence
Gangs Identifications Licenses Municipalities Narratives Occupations
OCDETFs Offences Charges Referrals Task Forces Vehicles


Access via mobile devices while in the field or offline to enter data when no internet is available.

Evidence Inventory
Provides detailed management of evidence inventory related to a specific case.

High Level Case Security
High level of configurable security which can also be shared with personnel who might not have the required access in order to collaborate on a case. It can be configured on multiples levels such as individual, team or business unit or organization so each can use the same system while keeping their data separate and secure.

Crime Code Data Management
Provides the capability of managing crimes code data which can be related to an arrest when that type of event occurs.

Detailed Auditing
Provides detailed auditing of all information that is entered for a case. Any modifications to a case is recorded which stores the old values along with the new values to provide detailed history about any transaction.

Workload Management
Manage workload by allowing the creation of tasks to be assigned to personnel. Combined with the reporting and dashboards, senior management would have an oversight of work being completed throughout the entire agency.

Communication Tracking
Track any communication such as telephone calls, emails, and standard mail regarding a case by creating activities on an investigation.

Case Narratives
Has the option to provide detailed case narratives through the lifecycle of the investigation.

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