Legislative Issue Management Solution Accelerator

Legislative Issue Management Solution Accelerator

Mary Jones has a problem. She’s hit the same pothole three times on the way to work and this time she got a flat tire. It’s time to take action, Mary thinks, so she calls the county hotline to report the problem. Now what?

Where does her call go? Who dispatches the road workers to get it fixed? Who tracks the progress and follows up to ensure it’s been completed?

These types of calls come in on a daily basis. How does your organization manage the volume and follow-up? If you’re like most organizations, you either have a homegrown system that is expensive to maintain, or you have a large, difficult, third-party system that doesn’t communicate with your other systems and is thus difficult to support.

To answer the call for a more streamlined process, Planet Technologies has created the Legislative Issue Management Solution Accelerator, a single integrated environment, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which allows easy management of issues and problems reported by constituents as well as management of legislation, including bills, resolutions and the testimonies, amendments and voting associated with them.  Legislative Issue Management brings together the vital elements of government and is the perfect complement to any local or regional governance platform.

Legislative Issue Management Dashboard

Legislative Issue Management Dashboard

Product Features and Benefits

Access via mobile devices while in the field or offline to enter data when no internet is available.

Constituent Management and Interaction
Provides detailed management of Constituents and Issues reported by constituents, including;

  • Constituents & Organizations – Track demographics and critical information about people and organizations and their associations with one another.
  • Issue Management – Track relationships between Constituents and reported Issues, making it easy to see areas
    where multiple Issues may be reported, or the same Issue reported by multiple people.
  • Amendments – Track Amendments to Issues, including Amendments to Amendments.
  • Testimonies – Record and track written or verbal testimonies of Issues reported by your Constituents, in their
    own words. Ability to attach detailed documentation, images and notes in support of reported Issues.
  • Meetings – Track Meetings, including invitees/attendees, Agenda Items, and Action Items.
  • Votes – Track Votes regarding legislative issues.

Rich Visual Representation of Issues, Legislation and Workload Management
Manage workload by allowing the creation of tasks to be assigned to individuals or groups of personnel, such as
Teams or responsible Agencies. Combined with reporting, charts and dashboards, gain oversight into Issues and
Legislation being addressed throughout the entire agency.

Detailed Auditing
Provides detailed auditing of all information that is entered for an Issue or Legislative record. All modifications are
recorded, storing the old values along with the new values to provide detailed history about any transaction.

Communication Tracking
Track all communication such as telephone calls, emails, and standard mail regarding an Issue or Legislative
record by creating activity record.

End-to-End tracking of Issues through the Legislative process
Some Issues, such as potholes, are generally reported, serviced and the record is closed. However, some Issues
may require further review or voting by a Council to be passed as new Legislation. Take incoming Issues and
convert them to a Legislation record, record Testimonies from associated Constituents, track Amendments to
Legislation. Even track Amendments to Amendments. Complete by recording the votes of council members.

Legislative Issue Management Detail

Legislative Issue Management Detail

The Solution Accelerator includes:

  • Eleven custom Entities
    1. Legislation – Track all Legislative issues in the system.
    2. Amendments – Track all Amendments to Legislation and/or other Amendments.
    3. Testimony – Track testimony regarding Legislative issues.
    4. Votes – Track Votes regarding Legislation.
    5. Meetings – Track Meetings, such as Council Meetings and Testimony/Voting Meetings.
    6. Agenda Items – Create and track Agendas associated with Meetings.
    7. Action Items – Create and track Action Items associated with Meetings
    8. Council Members – Track Council Members and associated Votes.
    9. Legislative Categories – Easily create and modify your own types of Legislative Categories.
    10. States – Track the State associated with all other records in the system.
    11. Counties – Track the County associated with all other records in the system.
  • Custom Dashboard

Download the Legislative Management Whitepaper

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