Microsoft 311 Service Center accelerator for Dynamics CRM, developed by Planet Technologies

Microsoft® 311 Service Center Accelerator, Developed by Planet Technologies

The Microsoft 311 Service Center accelerator is designed to deliver an end-to-end light framework that ensures the coordination between Citizens, the contact center, and the back office departments.

  • Empower citizens and increase productivity.
  • Improve responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Personalize and enhance delivery.
  • Utilize multiple access channels.
  • Customize to specific requirements.


The Microsoft 311 Service Center developed by Planet Technologies is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, provides a familiar and consistent interface across all areas of the system. The Microsoft 311 Service Center can be easily integrated with other Planet offerings such as Fleet Management, Asset Management, and the XRM Mobile Inspections Accelerator.

Custom Functionality

The Microsoft 311 Service Center accelerator is a feature-rich and robust solution. However, we understand that each customer is unique requirements. Planet Technologies offers professional customization services to meet the needs of your agency. Generally, a Discovery & Planning engagement is performed, which includes review of current system and business requirements, gap analysis, and a formal project proposal. For more information about Planet Technologies services, please reach out to us at


The 311 Service Center offers the following features, where are covered in detail below:

  • Citizen Service Request Portal
  • Portal Forms
  • Knowledge Base
  • Map
  • Create, Submit, and Track Your Service Request

Citizen Service Request Portal

The Microsoft 311 accelerator provides sample requests that customers can extend and expand upon. You will receive a tracking number, allowing you to check the status of your request. There are 6 pre-configured Service Request types with the ability to create additional custom Service Request types to suit your needs.

General Service Request 

Allows Citizens to submit a general Service Request.

Information Request 

Allows Citizens to ask a question or request information.

Noise Complaint Request

Allows Citizens to report noise complaints.

Park Maintenance Service Request

Allows Citizens to request maintenance at a park.

Pothole Service Request

Allows Citizens to report minor pothole damage, with a notification to please contact 311 directly if the pothole poses a significant safety risk.

Street Lighting Service Request 

Allows Citizens to report burned out, flickering, or damaged street lights.

Portal Forms

The Citizen Service Request Portal allows forms to be created in multiple ways. Both form types offer the a responsive design which allows you to create a single form that Citizens can access from a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone or other mobile device. Examples of each form type are provided below with screenshots.

CRM Portal SDK Form

This method follows the Microsoft Dynamics SDK (Software Development Kit) developer extensions and allows you to create and customize simple web forms to collect information from Citizens and feed the data into the CRM backend. More information about the SDK developer extensions can be found at

SDK Form

XRM Forms Engine Form

This method leverages the Planet Technologies XRMForms engine. This method allows you to generate dynamic forms on the Portal, just by creating the form in Dynamics 365. There is no further need for developing forms on the Portal using this method. This method also provides the ability to create 1 or 2 column forms. When resized, the form automatically re-formats to single column when the width has been exceeded for 2 columns.

XRM Form

Knowledge Base

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a place to create articles whether it’s a Procedure, Question & Answer, Solution to a Problem, or a Standard KB Article. The KB Articles can be exposed to the Citizen Portal where Citizens as well. KB Articles assist in empowering the Citizen to learn about, and possibly resolve, a problem without even contacting the 311 Call Center. By leveraging the Knowledge Base, your agency can deflect calls and allow the Citizen to use the Citizen Portal as a self-service offering. An example of the Knowledge Base screen is shown below. In this example, we searched for the keyword ‘pothole’.

Knowledge Base


The Microsoft 311 accelerator can be easily extended with extensive Bing Maps capabilities and tailored to you specific needs. Service Requests are geocoded, based on address and location information provided, and applies pins on the map to corresponding Cases. Citizens can filter against, Date, Status, Priority, Type, or any combination of those fields. The map is interactive, allowing you to navigate, zoom in/out, and provides the ability to click on the pinpoint to gain more knowledge about the specific Service Request. Planet Technologies also offers professional customization services to extend the types of fields that can be filtered against, based on your business needs.


Create, Submit, and Track Your Service Request

Citizens can quickly track a Service Request through the Track Your Service Request field if they know the Service Request number. After providing the Service Request number, the status and other information displays on the screen.

Register an account

Login to account

Citizens may also choose to register an account which allows them to log in immediately, and in the future, to keep track of Service Requests they’ve submitted. The 311 Call Center Portal also offers the ability to create a federated login with identity providers such as Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Twitter login for 311

311 login-facebook

Microsoft login for 311

Rich visual representation through Dashboards & Forms

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365, the 311 Call Center staff can manage Service Requests efficiently through pre-configured Forms, Views, Charts, and Dashboards. Views and Charts are completely customizable, allowing you to create and track KPIs and metrics that are tailored to your agency.


A new Microsoft 311 navigation area is included which automatically adds links to all areas for quick navigation and data entry for 311 Call Center staff.

311 CRM-Nav


Charts and Views can be rolled up on to custom Dashboards for an at-a-glance overview of Service Requests and Service Request Status.


Tracking Service Requests and Citizens

311 CRM-ServiceRequest




Pre-configured Reports are included, and you have the ability to create and customize Reports that suite the needs of your agency.

311 CRM-Report

Detailed Auditing

Provides detailed auditing of all information that is entered in the system. All modifications are recorded, storing the old values along with the new values, date & time of the change, and the name of the User who made the change, providing detailed history about any transaction.


Communication Tracking

Track all communication such as telephone calls, incoming/outgoing emails, and standard mail regarding a Service Request by creating Activity records. Some Activity types, such as email, can be configured to be automatically tracked. Additional Activity types can be created to support your business processes.

311 Activities


Microsoft 311 Service Center

The Microsoft® 311 Service Center accelerator is designed to deliver an end-to-end light framework that ensures the coordination between citizens, the contact center, and the back office departments.

Government Solutions

Microsoft offers a wide range of products, services, and devices for use by federal, state, and local governments.

Cloud Power

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The Microsoft 311 Service Center was designed and delivered in collaboration with Microsoft partner Planet Technologies.

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