Microsoft Field Inspections Accelerator for Crime Prevention

Microsoft Field Inspections Accelerator for Crime Prevention



The Field Inspection Accelerator for Crime Prevention is an end-to-end inspection and data gathering framework that helps to streamline post-burglary assessment and documentation processes for onsite inspectors. The framework demonstrates how a field inspector equipped with a Windows 8 tablet can perform onsite inspection, including data entry and photographic documentation. Field-collected data can sync with back-end management systems to help staff view and analyze detailed statistics, detect trends, and apply business intelligence (BI) techniques. This framework is designed to help assign and manage inspectors from law enforcement agencies, provide citizens with assessments to help prevent future burglaries, and share information with citizens and affected neighborhoods. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the solution is available in both on-premises and online delivery models.

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Streamlining field inspection processes
The field inspection accelerator is an extensible framework that can be customized by government agencies to meet their own requirements. The accelerator takes advantage of Windows 8 capabilities for touch and handwriting recognition, as well as for its intuitive user interface. It can be used to manage and assign field inspection agents to gather data, obtain photographs, and engage with citizens and others to assess a situation. The accelerator allows field-workers to use their tablets in an online or offline mode. As a result, inspectors can sync data in near-real time to the back-office system, or they can complete their work offline until an Internet connection is available.

FIMobileSimplifying field assessment
The Windows 10 interface—with its natural, fluid user-interaction—helps optimize and automate the collection of field data. Field inspectors can use the accelerator to retrieve data from their assigned cases, as well as update and add new information. The accelerator reduces reliance on paper-based systems and manual operations that lack the efficiency of an automated, end-to-end field inspection and management system. The efficiencies gained include optimizing the workflow for inspector assignments and notifications; scheduling onsite assessments; gathering and consolidating field information, including unstructured data such as pictures and videos; and syncing the data with an enterprise central management system.

Centralizing management and configuration
The accelerator’s field inspection survey form is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a metadata-driven design. Back-office managers can centrally control, extend, and change the survey’s contents through Microsoft Dynamic 365 configurations. These changes are then uniformly propagated to all tablets connected to the central management system.

Improving management and reporting
To improve efficiency and provide a cost-effective crime-prevention service, the accelerator offers a wide array of management dashboards and reports that help track and correlate crime trends. Law enforcement staff can quickly view interactive summary data and verify assessment status. They can monitor crime levels and trends by aggregating, comparing, and analyzing statistics to help establish long-term crime-prevention planning. After the field data is synchronized to Microsoft Dynamics 365, multiple types of configurable reports can be generated and exported in various formats that can be used in briefings or integrated with existing systems. With the rich-query tool, users can export the data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or any character-delimited file to better manage bulk communication and system integration.

Using geographical mapping component
The field inspection accelerator for crime prevention provides field inspectors with a mapping component that can instantly show the locations of their assignments and offer driving directions, so they can optimize their time and traveling route. More importantly, the back-end management system provides state-of-the-art interactive mapping capabilities so that law enforcement staff can use geospatial technology to view and drill down on the details of any assessment. Additionally, a heat-map mode can visually enhance geographic-based patterns and help pinpoint areas of crime concentration and distribution patterns.

Engaging citizens for feedback
The crime-prevention framework integrates the back-end system with a public-facing portal designed to engage citizens and gather feedback. After completing each assessment, citizens are presented with the opportunity to provide suggestions and possible improvements to the proactive crime- prevention program and its processes. Such feedback can then be categorized to enhance the agencies’ ability to prioritize needs and improve the delivery of citizen services.

Field Inspection Accelerator Benefits

End-to-end Field Inspection Framework
The accelerator provides the building blocks to help streamline field-inspection processes and centralize management, including tracking and reporting on proactive crime-prevention programs.

Extensible Accelerator Designed to be Repurposed
Because it is based on the extensible Microsoft development platform, you can tailor and extend the accelerator to serve other types of field-inspection purposes.

Cloud-based Computing Model
Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 is offered as a traditional on-premises solution as well as hosted in the cloud, customers have flexibility to choose options that meet their individual requirements.

Multi-tenant Architecture
With Microsoft Dynamics 365 multi-tenant deployment, local governments can run multiple instances on a single server. Agencies can provide services to smaller neighboring communities through a shared service center, which can help reduce costs for local authorities.

Easy to Adopt and Learn
By taking advantage of the excellent usability and familiar interface of Microsoft products, you can drive user adoption quickly and support the solution more easily because users don’t have to learn new software.

Geospatial Capabilities
With this accelerator, you can map inspection data points to communicate geographic information and assessment status at a glance.

Works seamlessly with Microsoft Applications
The accelerator easily interoperates with popular applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and SharePoint Server.

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